This article will introduce the basic concept on wire feeder of CO2 welding system,if you are a new welder,you will learn basic condition how it works.


  1.  The structure of gas shield arc welding equipment

CO2 welding system

They are different models welding equipments, but basically they have these parts: power source, wire feeder,welding torch when manual welding, it will take welding tractor, remote controller, decrement gauge, flowmeter, cooling water circulation system when in high current welding.


      2.  Power source

There are two popular source in the market: thyristor rectifier power source and inverter welding source.

thyristor rectifier


Thyristor has the easy operate function, it can keep stable welding parameter based on feedback control,it’s a regular series with strong network compensation ablity



thyristor rectifier power


While rectifier is a new revolution of the welding industry, it can work under high frequent,better dynamic response make this power well accepted by welders. In additional, the core factor it with brilliant welding performance with function of arc strike and anti-interference.

IGBT and MOS rectifier are easy find in the market.


  1. Welding wire feeder

wire feeder

Wire feeder is a part which feed wire to torch.It work between power source and workpiece. Normally it’s near workpiece to reduce the wire feed resistance and improve the stability of welding. You can find separated type and integrated model when you go to welding market.


Grandwelding factory supply both these two style based on the customer needs.

It’s suitable for the wire from 0.8mm to 2.0mm and most of CO2 welding adopt this wire feeder.It’s easy operating and simple the torch structure. After we choose the better wire feeder(basically it’s the part of the power source when you buying the equipment),we also need better wire tube to work together with the feeder, and the length of the tube 3-5m will be ideal.


  1. welding torch


It’s a hand operate part of the welder, link to power cable, ontrol cable, wire tube, gas and water cooler hose then achieve welding result.


  1. Water cooling system(optional)



When we welding over 500A current, water cooler torch and cooling system is necessary for the process of the working.


  1. Regulator


It’s also essential part of welding work.