Project Description

wire feeder

Technical paramenters:

Item Typical
Type SB-10X
Wire feed voltage Arc or no load DC 15-105V
Rated current 5/5.5A
Max wire feed speed 18m/min
Wire size 0.8-2.4mm
Wire type solid core/flux cored/self shield
Wire spool capacity 5-20kg
SB-10X size 600 × 400 × 250mm
SB-10X1 size 635 × 250 × 390mm
Weight 18KG


This feeder adopt voltage censoring technology which can take any MMA power source as CO2 gas shield power source.

It has improved efficiency 30% higher than regular CO2 shield welding.SB-10X can be equipped with any power source with CC/CV characteristics.

The welding cable can be extended up to 1000m,control cable not need.